Services we offer :

Custom fabric manufacturer,Gem Enterprises , is unique in being able to offer a personal service within the textile industry. By having a custom fabric woven, clients are able to be involved regarding all aspects of the fabric, such as quality, design, scale, and colour.

Fabric qualities :

We are able to offer a wide range of different fabric qualities in order to meet the requirements of our clients´ projects. This ranges from various different interior fabrics from upholstery, walling, and drapes, to car upholstery and ceremonial robes, as given below:

Plains and Stripes :
      Lutes and Lustrings
      Silk and Wool Repps
      Worsted Camlet and Tammys
      Sarsenets; Banner Silks and Taffetas
      Taboretts; Ottomans and Seersuckers
      Serges; Paragons and Mohair Repps
      Furniture Cloths; Checks and Stripes

Yarns and Colour :

At Gem Enterprises we are able to offer both stock yarns in a wide variety of shades and custom dying if there is a specific colour required. Yarns available range from silk, cotton, wool, and linen, to metallics and man-made fibres.

Production :

Once design and colour trials have been approved, the weaving of the custom fabric can commence. As fabric manufacturers, our fabrics are woven on the latest high speed rapier looms, enabling fast and efficient production.


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